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Wedding Videography

The Wedding of:
Melissa & Michael

Melissa & Michael:

I cried! It's amazing!!

Such an amazing job! Wow!

It's absolutely stunning!!

-Full-Length Video-

The day had so much feels right from the start, the brides house has full of family and friends and the stories were flowing. There was lots of laughter, which made it great for the photo shoots- as it created many candid moments as possible. The large lounge & dinning area was the idea location as the bride and all brides maids and mother of the bride could prepare all in one room! The videography shots were full of life and motion in the background. The morning was great chat and relaxed vibes.

Everything was well times and planned and the morning ran smoothly. The emotions started flowing for literally everyone when the bride did the first reveal to the bridal party! It was clear to see that they were all close friends and had so much love for each other.

Then off to see the Groom & Groomsmen. When we arrived they were having fun and joking around with one another. A perfect setting to walk into and capture the cinematic video shots right from the start. There was enough time to sneak in some drone establishing shots of the wedding venue and setting. Perfect for the setting the scene of the film and the great memories.

The wedding ceremony was perfectly tailored to the bride and groom's liking and ran seamlessly. Touching words from the bride and groom were exchanged in personalised notes. The emotion was great to see and perfect for the wedding video, all the little moments are captured to relive forever!

The bride and groom had some downtime to mingle and say hello to all the family and friends. During this time we, the videographers, like to give bride & groom some space to enjoy the moment as Husband & Wife and soak up the moment. This makes it perfect for some wider angle videography shots as well as more detailed establishing shots of the detail put into the day e.g. message boards, signing books, flower arrangements etc.

After a photo shoot for an hour or so, it was time to fuel up and hydrate, again this is a videographers perfect setting. The bridal party and grooms men are distracted opening beers, popping wine and snacking on the nibbles they forget all about the cameras! 

The night started with excitement as everyone cheered the bride & groom entering the reception. Such a great moment to capture on video, with all the smiles and applause. The reception was tailored with a number of short games which entertained everyone, as well as one 30 second speech per table. What a great thing to! Such kind and loving words from people who would not normally have been able to be fitted into the busy reception schedule. After a beautiful mean and desert the couple made started with the First Dance to start off the night! After a little dance videography it was time to retire the cameras and let the lovely newlyweds enjoy their night...

Photos By: Erica Kurth

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