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Fun Wedding Ideas

Over the years we have had the amazing experience of capturing many weddings and have seen a wide variety of quirky and fun events used at weddings

Below are our 5 Fun Wedding Tips from a videographer in no particular order:

6: Flowers or Bubbles



Add an extra dose of fun to your wedding ceremony by handing out mini bubbles or using Bubble Guns.

As you walk down the aisle as newlyweds, the air will fill with bubbles. It create the most amazing photos and is a great alternative when the venue does not allow flowers.

5: Heart Signing Picture Frame


A fun thing for guest is to sign and draw images on is a heart shaped wooden pieces. These are placed in a wooden photo frame to hang on a wall will all the love and support from your friends and family.


4: First Look With Best Man


Having a first look, but with the Best Man dressed as a bride is always a good laugh. It often has everyone in stitches laughing, especially the Groomsmen who try to keep a straight face while the "Bride" walks down the aisle!!

3: Retro Cars

Unique care always a great way to capture some awesome photos!

Everyone loves to get involved with the theme and they are a great

provide a great background for an alternative setting


2: Lollie Jars

candy jars

This is becoming more and more popular and is always a hit no matter

the age!!  

1: Funky Glasses

This would be the item that brings the most life to every situation. They are classic and funky!

The glasses are a great hit on the dance floor also!



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