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Wedding Videography

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Hi There, we're Ben & Dick

We grew up together here in the Waikato as our families are close friends. Over the years

we have been on many adventures together from holidays and South Island van trips to travelling Europe.

We have had an interest in creating videos since we could afford hand held action-cameras, This grew into a passion over the last 10 years as the adventures and hobbies became more interesting.


Ben enjoys being outdoors, hiking, swimming holes and camping.

Dick enjoys his morning surf, rafting, mountain biking and being out doors. Videoing is our passion which we always keep close in our daily lives.


We aim to create a heart felt review of the special day and bring a tear to the brides eye with our specially crafted film.

Whether we have the pleasure of capturing a Bride & Grooms's special day, we are always creating videos for friends, family and our own memories.

We love what we do!!



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