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Wedding Venue Tips

Over the years we have had the amazing experience of capturing many weddings at loads of different venues!!

We have experienced and seen an amazing range of venues, with different; settings, sizes, locations, views etc.


During this time, we have unconsciously noticed a lot of different things that work well and some things not so much..

This page is to help provide some of those venue features we feel works well! 

Individually, the below tips are, are only minor points to consider and do not compare to the WOW feeling a venue can provide when you first visit it! 

Below are our 5 venue tips from a videographer:


Remember follow your heart when selecting a venue!

5: Location


You have probably considered this first!

What location would you like to get married in!!

Is there a somewhere that has a special meaning to you?


Once this is narrowed down a venue.. 

If no location springs to mind, here are some points that may be useful to consider: ​

  • Is it accessible?

  • Do the guests need a map showing the location of the venue gate?

       (Google tends to show the centre of the property and in rural setting we have         found ourselves hunting for entranceways a number of times!! haha)​

  • Is there accommodation nearby?

  • Is there enough parking?

  • Are shuttles required for friends and family?

  • Will taxis pickup from the venue?

  • Is there internet? e.g. for live streaming

  • What time does the license finish?

Mel & Mickey-188.jpg

4: Facilities

Laura + Adriaan P2-142.jpg

This may not be at the top of your priority list, but may be something to consider.

One thing we have noticed is ques at toilets, from all the drinking!, and these can be longer than expected. Apart from the number, check if they are dedicated or not.

Sometimes mother with young babies like to have a quiet area to feed the baby or rock them to sleep, while everyone else is socialising or partying!

3: Shade

Summer can bring an amazing amount of sunlight, which add to vibe on the day!


Often guests mingle around the venue after the ceremony, dressed in their nice atire. Being able to get out of the sun, away from the UV, and into the cool shade to feel comfortable.

We have been to many venues where guest spread out under the tiny amounts of available shade.

Considering shade is important.

As a side note:

Don't forget to always have water available. Both before and after the ceremony!!

Consider having sunblock available

Brooke and Harry-Fluro Grey-265.jpg

2: Wet Weather Ceremony


This is not something any bride or groom wishes to think about on their wedding day.

But we recommend considering rain but hoping for the best!!

Ask the venue where their wet-weather ceremony location is and see if you would be happy if this was to be used.

As a side note:

Consider the number of people it can hold and if the room echoes.

1: The Feeling

This is your day! and feeling like the venue for you is the most important.

Your family and friends are wanting to be there to see and be part of your special day!

That along with food and drinks is what everyone will remember!!

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