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Wedding Videography

Videographers Tips

Over the years we have had the honor of capturing many weddings and for such awesome couples!!

We have experienced an amazing range of wedding styles, venues, timelines and settings.


During this time we have noticed a number of points, which help create a smooth, well planned day with relaxed vibes,

fun and laughter. 

The below are 10 tips from a videographer:

Videographers Tip 10: Plan The Morning


Getting ready is a fun part of the day, you are with your close friends & family and often reminisce about all the fun times you've had together. The morning is a special and exciting time. One way to keep the morning vibe is to have a well planned and detailed timeline. The morning sets the whole day up!!



The most helpful timeline tips are:


  • Brides: Ask the time of your hair & also the time of your makeup, request it be completed a minimum of 1 hr (up to 1.5 hrs) before the set time to leave for the ceremony. Or an easy way, is to ask for the Brides hair and makeup to be completed second to last!

  • Grooms: Hold everyone's suits with you the day before, check each suit is a full set and try them on to check the sizes are correct. Have food & lunch available for yourself and the Groomsmen, to keep the energy levels up!

  • Ceremony: Starting time of 3:15 pm or earlier, as the whole day and being able to spend time with your guests flows from here.

  • Photo Shoot: Allow a minimum of 1 hour, up to 1.5 hours (excluding travel) for the wedding party photo shoot. This allows for downtime, enjoy your picnic and a have a laugh with your besties!

Bridal Party Clink The Wine Glasses While Sitting On The Couch In Dressing Gowns

9: Close Locations

Wide angle shot of bride and groom hugging in front of old barn

There are many special moments throughout your wedding day. As videographers, we aim to capture all of these moments forever, so you can relive the day for years to come :) 

If possible, choose the Bride & Grooms 'getting ready' locations close to one another. This helps with the videographers movements and allows more of your day to be captured.

8: Get Ready In Space

Some amazing and artistic shots are captured when the bride and groom getting ready / getting hair & makeup done. These shots are a must for telling your story!

Select a location where there the videographer can move around you (not in a corner). Ideally a full circle but a half circle is enough. Note: for Brides, this location is usually selected by the makeup artist and it is often forgotten about how the videographer will move. Also, this means your bridesmaids can easily come for a chat and help keep the glass topped up!

Groom Putting On Shoes In The Morining of The Wedding

7: First Look With Father of The Bride

Father of The Bride Sees Bride For First Time On Wedding Day

Although there are many sentimental moments throughout your wedding day with family and friends, there are few quite as precious as when your Father sees you for the first time in your wedding dress. This is one moment you will be sure to want captured. It is a good idea to discuss this with your videographer for timing. 

6: Family Portraits

Shortly time after the ceremony has finished, it will be time for Family Portraits. To avoid unplanned time passing and cutting into the amazing Bridal Party Shoot, one helpful tip is to:


Nominate two energetic family members, one from each side, to help the Emcee 'round up' family members for the photos. These two ninjas can easily spot family in a crowd and know who is missing from the photo lineup

Wedding couple with all family and friends celebrate in front of a brick church

5: Wedding Party Photos

Wedding Party Stand In Line For A Photo At The Red Barn

This is the time to relax, have a bite to eat and have a laugh. The wedding party often check their phones, use their hip flask or lighters or other small objects.

These objects often end up in Groomsmen front pockets stand out in photos. A gentle reminder to keep the phones at the car always works well.

To maintain those energy levels, remember to organise a picnic with food, drinks (and don't forget one to spray!) as well as some water. This is often an easy add on with your catering, or if in doubt ask your friendly videographer!

4: Slow The Cake Cutting

The cake cutting represents the first activity completed as Husband and Wife.

It is a special moment and is a must to capture for your video, so spending time here is something we recommend.

Enjoy the moment and let the videographers capture a few different shots. Consider following the cake ceremony tradition where the Bride & Groom feed a small bite of cake to one another.

Bride and groom cutting the wedding cake and bride laughing

3: Wedding Speech or Toast

brides maids cheers wine glasses while sitting at the reception table at the wedding

Speeches are an important part of the day and something that every guest looks forward to.

Encourage your speakers to write the speech down on cue cards or paper (not on a cell phone). As it is often seen that off the cuff speeches are dull, talk about themselves, miss the point and loop. 

Speeches mark the importance of the occasion, create an impact and allow your speakers to express their happiness for your journey together.

Ask people to prepare.


It is recommended to avoid opening up the microphone to the floor :)

2: Make The Story Yours

We have all imagined our wedding day, even Grooms! There are things that we picture being part of the day (e.g. family car, ornament etc.)

These are what makes the day special and unique.

Discuss with your fiancee what is a must for each of you, these are things you do not want to go without. Let your videographer know about these, so they can be captured and included in your video story.

couple hug for photo at sunset while standing next to a roles royce car

1: Roll With It

Bride & Groom Celebrate Walking Down The Aisle Right After Ceremony. Ocean in the background

Once the day has started there can be little that can be done.

Roll with the wedding day and enjoy all the moments!


Being relaxed will help the smiles and laughter, which makes the video look amazing and full of life!


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